March for Jobs in Pittsburgh at G20 Summit
Occupy Everywhere!
National Tour to Build PEOPLES POWER

New political space has opened due to the momentous eruption of the Occupy Wall Street Movement and its slogan "the 99% vs. the 1%." This movement continues despite massive repression organized by Homeland Security.

To respond to this repression and fight back, a People's Struggle for our basic needs and rights, with a program appealing to all workers, especially workers of color who face disproportionate levels of poverty, homelessness, unemployment and repression, is needed.

The rich get richer. They continue to put profits before people and attack what's left of the social safety net. We need a struggle for People's Power to win our basic rights.

The National Tour on building PEOPLES POWER will begin this discussion. It will not just be in union or community halls, it will also be in the streets. We have to march and demonstrate during this election year, to expose the lie that politicians represent the people's concerns.

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12-12-11 Dawn Picket

Another victory due to struggle

ILWU recognized at EGT grain terminal

On Feb. 1, International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 21 was officially recognized as the representative of workers at the state-of-the-art EGT grain terminal in Longview, Wash. According to an ILWU Coast Longshore Division news release, “EGT and ILWU representatives then signed a recognition agreement and committed to negotiate the details of a collective bargaining agreement for all landside and shipside operations in the next several days.” Workers hired by EGT through the Local 21-Pacific Maritime Association hiring hall voted in a card-check process, affirming the ILWU while already at work in the terminal.

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Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement Condemns Attacks On Students of Color at UW Parkside

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Occupy 4 Jobs!

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Demand a Massive Public Works Program
Paying Union Wages!

Attend a National Conference to demand a two year federal moratorium to stop foreclosures

Saturday – March 31, 2012
Detroit Michigan

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2 Year Moratorium Conference

Mortgage fraud, bank bailouts continue

By Jerry Goldberg

The lifting of the major banks' "foreclosure moratoriums" — which had been instituted to stem the outcry over massive fraud in the processing of foreclosure documents — demonstrates the necessity for the working class to launch a struggle to win a genuine two-year moratorium on foreclosures and evictions predicated on the premise that housing is a fundamental human right.

With the federal government having essentially nationalized the mortgage industry, the president has the authority to implement such a moratorium through executive action.

Bank of America on Oct. 18 announced its intent to resume foreclosures in the 23 states which have judicial foreclosures. BOA had suspended foreclosures in those states on Oct. 1 due to revelations of fraud in the processing of foreclosure documents. BOA also announced it would resume foreclosures in a few weeks in the remaining 27 states. This move will likely encourage JP Morgan Chase and GMAC, who had similarly suspended foreclosures in the 23 judicial foreclosure states, to resume taking people's homes. (New York Times, Oct. 18)

Barbara J. Desoer, president of Bank of America Home Loans, stated, "We did a thorough review of the process and we found the facts underlying the decision to foreclose have been accurate. We paused while we were doing that, and now we're moving forward."

While even bourgeois commentators treated this announcement with the cynicism and derision it deserved, Bank of America was emboldened to make this move with the backing of the federal government.

From the onset of the exposure of massive bank fraud, the Obama administration has opposed any calls for a national moratorium on foreclosures. When David Axlerod, President Barack Obama's chief advisor, appeared on CBS's "Face the Nation" Oct. 10, he came out against a national moratorium. He was followed by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan, who published an article Oct. 17 in the Huffington Post that also rejected calls for a national moratorium, saying it would hurt the economy.

Billions for banks

Bank of America noted that the major holders of its mortgages, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, had been consulted during the review and had signed off on the decision to resume foreclosures. Of 14 million mortgages BOA services, one-half of them — worth $2.1 trillion — are owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the giant mortgage holding companies controlled by the U.S. Treasury. (NYT, Oct. 18)

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were formerly government-sponsored enterprises, private corporations chartered by the federal government to give them enhanced standing to buy or back up mortgage loans.

However, in July 2008 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taken over by the federal government due to massive losses they incurred as a result of the record rise in foreclosures caused by the fraudulent and predatory lending practices of the banks. The federal government placed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in trusteeship under the Federal Housing Finance Administration, guaranteeing up to $200 billion in federal tax dollars to back up their loans. That figure was raised to $400 billion, and is now uncapped.

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Fannie Me Petition
Petition demanding a two year national moratorium on all foreclosures and evictions
Obama Petition
Petition to President Obama:
enforce the Full Employment Act
Obama Flyer
Obama: Issue Executive Orders to Guarantee our Rights to Jobs & Housing

Let People Stay in their Homes - Housing is a Human Right!
Bail Out the People, Not the Banks!
Sign to Demand a National Moratorium to Stop All Foreclosures and Evictions!

Seize the time!
Occupy everything, demand and fight for everything!

Statement by the Bail Out the People Movement in support of students and activists in Denver Colorado who are embarking on an occupation of the largest university campus in the state.

Bail Out the People Movement, like many others, is inspired by the tremendous movement that has been unleashed around the country. The occupation movement has captured the imagination of so many who have been suffering under the conditions of a system that is in a deep and intractable crisis. BOPM salutes the achievements of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. This movement must not and cannot be stopped.

Of course, the Occupy Wall Street Movement is not perfect; no movement is. Clearly, this movement will not be able to realize its full revolutionary potential unless the most thoughtful and serious activists within its ranks struggle to overcome any and all barriers to the movements full union with communities of color, and those who because of race, religion, gender or class bear the brunt of inequality and oppression. Activists in communities of color and others have taken on the task of developing consciousness and using the space opened up to help bring about such a full union.

Drop All Charges against all Occupy Arrestees!

Stop Police Attacks & Arrests!

Support 'Occupy Wall Street'!

Peoples Needs! Not Bankers' Greed!

Spread the Occupations!


Be part of the People's Assembly Movement!

Support Anti-War and International Solidarity Activists!

People's Assembly Movement
Honor Dr. Martin Luther King -
Demand Millions of Jobs or Income NOW!
FBI Hands Off Activists!
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New York City Jobs for All Campaign
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The Bailout the People Movement (BOPM) is a national network that was founded in Oct., 2008, to oppose the trillion dollar bank bail out and demand that the people get bailed out instead.

Since then BOPM has taken up the most crucial issues facing workers, students and ordinary people: including jobs; foreclosures and evictions; education and student rights; immigrant and worker’s rights; stopping racism and hate groups like the Tea Party; opposing the ongoing wars that are bleeding the economy dry; advocating for health care for all; and much, much more.

We held the first national protest around joblessness calling for a “Real Jobs Program” at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh.

We are fighting for a national Public Works Jobs Program much like the WPA enacted during the Great Depression, for a moratorium on home foreclosures, evictions and utility shut-offs, the Employee Free Choice Act and full rights for immigrant workers.

Please join us! You can get in touch with a BOPM chapter near you or with the many allied groups we are working with such as the Moratorium Now Coalition in Detroit.

Our national office in New York City helps to provide assistance and organizing help to all. Contact us.

Bail Out the People Movement
Solidarity Center
147 W. 24th St. 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10010